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Tamanu Oil & TO112

TO112 full hair care line up on white background

All of the liquid products in the hair and body care collections are based on Tamanu Oil as the key functional ingredient to heal and nourish the hair and body.

Hear directly from our Founder, Luis Pacheco, why tamanu oil is the cornerstone of TO112.

Originating from tropical Asia, the tamanu tree can be found in wet, tropical forests in Africa, East India, Thailand, and Indochina, more specifically in Polynesia. The oil has been used by Tahitian women for decades as it promotes shinier, healthier hair.

The prized oil is highly regarded for its anti-inflammatory properties which help to soothe scalp irritation and eliminate fungal infections when applied directly to the scalp in the form of a shampoo.

The gentle, yet effective, cleansing properties are sought out to improve overall scalp health by eliminating dirt, sweat, and excess sebum from hair and skin. 

Tamanu oil is an essential oil when it comes to beauty. We have included the oil in our conditioners because when applied to the mid-lengths and ends of hair it encourages healthier hair growth by hydrating the strands and bringing out natural luster resulting in stronger, longer hair. It's a natural, lightweight oil that is absorbed quickly and easily leaving no excess residue gently conditioning the hair and protecting it from damage without making it feel heavy, in turn, making hair more manageable. 

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