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Saint Valentin:5 parfums aphrodisiaques pour booster la libido

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What is generally thought of as a holiday for the sole purpose of commercializing love and making singles all over the world feel a slight bitterness towards their coupled up friends; Valentine’s Day has origins that date all the way back to ancient times.

At the turn of the century and the beginning of the Renaissance, people began to break free from the impositions of the Church, moving towards a more humanistic view of nature. Writers of this time period began noticing the connection of love, procreation, and new beginnings with the dawning of spring.

So what animal inspired the connection? Birds. British poet, Geoffrey Chaucer, wrote a poem insinuating that birds chose St. Valentine’s Day to mate. Although probably too cold for the birds these days, It’s commonly thought that birds begin their choosing practice during this time.

Traditions that span centuries don’t have to be swept up in 21st century consumerism. There is no guilt felt when celebrating all types of love this Valentine’s Day. We’ve even got some tips when it comes to spicing up those, ahem, intimate feelings.

We’re all familiar with the types of foods that are regularly considered aphrodisiacs but what about fragrances? What fragrances help spark passion?

Invigorating scents are one of the best ways to get in the mood.

Do you ever notice the way some of your shampoos or lotions make you feel?

Some of the best aphrodisiac fragrances are be found in our liquid products! We couldn’t think of a better time to get more familiar with these products and they’re sensual properties!


Ginger’s musky, earthy aroma can be very arousing. Energizing the mind and body, it feels like it’s waking up your senses from head to toe. Ginger gets the blood flowing, and can even help to build up a feeling of physical confidence.

What’s sexier than confidence?


Sandalwood has been used in perfumes for nearly 4000 years. It works as a powerful tension reliever; relaxing muscles, and calming blood pressure. For double the pleasure sandalwood has been mixed with rosewood for years to create the infamous Attar fragrance.

Rosewood has an alluring scent that calms the mind, lifting moods and fighting off feelings of depression. The positive feeling you get from each of these fragrances is the perfect combination to boost sexual energy.


Sage promotes feelings of euphoria. It can boost creativity (get out the kama sutra) and, of course, uplifts the mood, stimulating sexual arousal.


Speaking of mood uplifters, patchouli is one of the strongest fragrances that can alter moods. It offers relief from stress, tension, and anxiety. It also calms the nervous system putting any fidgeting to rest.

So while prepping for your hot date, or getting ready for a cozy night in be mindful of all the fragrances around you. How do they make you feel?

However you spend Valentine’s Day, from the pagan origins to the modern day showcase, be thankful for the love that is around us.