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De retour à l'école? Gagnez un A + en soins capillaires 101

two people earing back packs walking on a summers day

Even if you dont have a child going to university, or aren’t a college-bound student yourself, September is a great time of year!

It’s a second chance to be the version of yourself you envisioned when you wrote your New Year’s resolutions. Now is a great time to recommit to working out, sleeping earlier and being more present at work or school.

It can also be a stressful time. Make sure to take care of yourself in between back to school sales shopping, tuition and a wardrobe refresh. Commit to taking care of yourself in other ways.

Invest in a self-care routine–whether it’s a vanity shelfie to boast about, a gym membership, or a pile books to tackle. Make self-care a habit, especially when things get stressful. Fit in a form of self-care into your day, such as after work or between breaks from your university studies.

To make self-care easier, we’re launching a back to school sale and our shampoos and conditioners are in a supersized 1L! This offer is available for a limited time; stock up while you can!

Summertime Sadness: Common Culprits For Dry Hair

If your hair is suffering from dryness, it might be the weather. Prolonged exposure to sun, surf, and sea salt spray can turn scalps and tresses into irritated, flaky and lifeless messes.

Colour-treated hair, already susceptible to damage and dryness, can be especially affected by the heat. Our shampoo for damaged hair is a great option to giving your tresses that much-needed TLC.

Winter Woes

A typical Canadian winter isnt kindyes, not even to those on the West Coast. The bitter cold and blustery weather can make hair brittle and dry.

Shielding your hair can minimize any weather-related damage. Arm yourself with hats, scarves and hoods–but if you’re Canadian, you don’t need us to tell you that!

Heat styling and drying your hair can also affect your hair.

Five Tips To Fix Dry Hair

1. Take care of yourself. Like most things, it starts with diet. A balanced diet will do wonders for your hair.

2. Tone it down. |f you can, limit your use of heat tools. Wring out excess water from your hair after showering and use the lowest setting when drying your hair. Always use a heat protectant when styling your hair.

3. Be gentle. Minimize further damage by gently combing through hair and detangling it with a wide-toothed comb, or get yourself one of our can't-live-without Tangle Teezers (highly recommend!)


4. Use the right tools and techniques to care for your hair. Colour-treated and curly hair requires different methods of care. Take into account what type of hair you have and use it to help with your dry hair rehab. 

5. Use great products to maintain or rehab your hair to health. Stock up on our back-to-school sale (available in 1L bottles), now for a limited time. For dry hair types, our winter wonder set is a great option.