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Beach Waves Without The Beach: Introducing The Sea Salt Serum

Blonde woman with beach waves

Sun, sand, and salt. Soaking up the rays and letting the beach tousle your hair to wavy, carefree perfection may be one of the highlights of summer or those dreamy winter vacations we used to take. Remember? Back in the day, we used to get on planes and head south to escape the negative temperatures. Now, we turn on the portable heater and swap out our zoom background for an image of a beachy paradise - the only thing we’re missing is the piece-y, textured waves, those Blake Lively-emerging-from-the-water waves.

Presenting the TO112 Sea Salt Serum; a hydrating, softening, volumizing serum that gives you true surfside, beachy hair vibes. 


What It Is:

Our Sea Salt Serum reinvents the salt spray experience. Great hair at the beach is the result of saltwater in combination with oils, sun lotions, and the creams we apply, which subsequently work to prevent dehydration and damage to the hair’s outer cuticle. 

We’ve created an innovative serum that is uniquely formulated with tamanu, jojoba, and argan oils, among other botanicals, to moisturize and protect while adding volume and texture to all hair types.

What It’s Made Of:

Of course, you can’t have TO112 without Tamanu Oil. We’ve combined a modern blend of botanical oils (tamanu, argan, and jojoba) to hydrate and help your strands retain moisture while minimizing frizz and counterbalancing the added texture provided by the sea salt. 

The result is the more authentic, beachy texture your hair has been longing for. 

How To Use It:

The first step is to always shake your spray. This emulsifies the oils and the sea salt to make sure you’re getting the most out of every spritz. For fine, straighter hair types, spray evenly onto damp hair and let air dry.

You can also apply the Sea Salt Serum to dry or waved hair, scrunching and twisting strands to enhance their texture.

For naturally wavy or curly hair, this product will enhance your natural texture, define your curls and reduce frizz. 

Pro Tips:

Sea Salt Serum can revive unwashed hair giving you an extra day of style in between washes.

Spritzing your hair with the Sea Salt Serum can also give braids and updos a more textured, messy look. You can also use this serum post styling to give waves or curls a more natural look. 

The Sea Salt Serum is the only product to give you enviable beach waves without the beach. This product is a must-have if you want textured, voluminous, enhanced waves or curls giving you the surfer look year-round. Tell us how you style and send us your questions. We'll get you more pro tips for hair you love to live in.