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Recherche de fréquences:comment les fréquences de Solfège affectent nos vies - et pourquoi nous les utilisons

Dreamscape image of a woman with a tree and universe growing from the top of her head. Image represents the solfeggio frequencies, specifically, 528 Hz

DO a deer, a female deer
RE a drop of golden sun
MI a name, I call myself
FA a long long way to run
SO a needle pulling thread
LA a note to follow SO
TI a drink with jam and bread
That will bring us back to DO

Think you don't know what the Solfeggio Frequencies are? Think again by channeling your inner Julie Andrews because you’ve been learning about them your entire life. In fact, you learned about them way back in elementary school.

Remember singing along with Captain von Trapp and his brood of vocally blessed kids? Well, DO-RE-MI-FA-SOs are used to teach the pitches that represent the scales we use. The "Fixed DO" you learned as a child corresponds to the C-Major scale. In other words, these pitches and sounds have been a part of you since your beginnings, whether you realized it or not. And this scale is where the Solfeggio Frequencies began.

One of the Solfeggio Frequencies that means the most to us is 528 Hz. This sacred frequency activates your imagination, intention, and intuition to operate for your highest and best purpose. More than any sound previously discovered, this frequency of love connects your heart and spirit to the reality of heaven and earth.

According to Dr. Leonard Horowitz, the 528 Hz frequency has the ability to heal damaged DNA. While the verdict is still out on this, we have written previously about Dr. Masaru Emoto and his water experiments, which show the effect sound frequencies can have on water. If 528 Hz can affect water, and since our bodies are 65% water, it stands to reason that this love frequency can have positive benefits on our bodies and spirits - including DNA.

This is why we have chosen to infuse all of our TO112 products with the 528 Hz frequency. Each bottle of TO112 Shampoo, Lotion, and Oil is stored in our Singing Room, which vibrates at the love frequency at all times. We believe that infusing our products with this frequency will help you to imbue your own body with harmony, energy, and healing.

This “Miracle” note has been used by ancient priests and healers in advanced civilizations to manifest miracles and produce blessings. It's this holistic approach to health and wellness that inspires us, and it's why we ensure all of our products work in harmony with our bodies. By combining science and nature, we can nurture our body, our spirit, and our surrounding environments with the frequency of love.

Find the 528 Hz product that is the most harmonious for you by clicking here.