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HOW TO: Achieve Your Most Beautiful Curls

Model with shiny black curly hair after using TO112 products

Anyone blessed with natural curls knows how hard they can be to tame. Finding a way to get frizz-free, voluminous, luscious curls can be challenging!

We are here to help. Our pro spells it out with her tips to Big Beautiful Frizz-Free Curls. 

Just 4 Easy Steps to Get the BEST big beautiful curls.

1. Start by using our Ultimate Hair Cream on damp curly tresses. Work it evenly through the hair, then follow up with our Curl Mousse.
2. Now for the fun part: with these products working their magic, the hair can now be scrunched, twisted, and shaped to your liking with ease.
3. From here, you can air-dry your curls, or use a diffuser at low speed to dry the hair between medium and high heat for even more voluminous locks.
4. To finish off your look, use our KEY anti-frizz ingredient - the Anti-Humectant Spray - all over your curls.

Achieving your biggest, most beautiful curls is that simple!