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L'importance des soins personnels

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We spend so much time running around trying to please others, whether it’s your boss, your SO, your children, or your friends and family. It can be very taxing! When was the last time you took some time to take care of yourself? If you can’t remember, that’s bad news bears.

Self care is SO important. Let us tell you why. First things first, get the stigma out of the way. Say it with me, self care is NOT selfish! How can you properly take care of others if you’re not the best version of yourself? In other words, self care should not be optional. It’s not all fluffy pillows and burning incense while meditating in the Himalayas. Self care is the practice of a few basic habits that are crucial for efficient function in everyday life.

Practicing self care prevents the dreaded burnout. Pushing yourself to the point of exhaustion? Self care can help with that!

Feeling overstressed? Stress and the negative effects synonymous with being stressed out can lead to physical and mental illness, eventually breaking down your mind and body. Self care can help alleviate stress so you don’t become overwhelmed.

If you feel like you’ve hit a wall, you’re creativity is down or you’re having trouble focusing, self care can help you to refocus and gain control of your life.

Self care isn’t a one and done type deal. You need to work to actively include self care in your DAILY routine.

Here are some helpful tips on how you can incorporate self care into your busy lifestyle.

  1. The 1 minute meditation. Take 1 minute each day to be aware of your thoughts and feelings. 1 minute of focused breathing and awareness of the body as a whole and how you fit into the energy of the universe.
  2. Do something you love. Pet a dog, sing in the shower. Whatever floats your boat.
  3. Are you a coffee lover? Take some you-time when having your morning coffee. Breathe in the aromas of your coffee and be present in that moment. Enjoy it!
  4. Take yourself off autopilot. Be mindful when performing tedious, daily tasks such as brushing your teeth, driving, or taking your morning commute.
  5. Oxygenate your brain. Try alternate nostril breathing.

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  6. Go rogue. Turn all electronics onto airplane mode and and free yourself for one hour.
  7. Go for a walk on your lunch break. There is no better way to reset your mind than with a quick walk.
  8. Stretch it out. Take a few minutes to stretch and reset your intention.
  9. Check in with your emotions. How are you feeling, really?
  10. Write it down. Write down some of your thoughts or emotions. Don’t forget to date your entry for future reference!
  11. Create a home spa. Light a candle, run a detox bath - here are some of our favourite recipes to destress.
  12. Read!
  13. Take yourself on a date - have a new restaurant you want to try? Is there an exhibit at the museum you’ve been dying to see?
  14. Try self-soothing. One of the best ways to do this is to moisturize yourself! Notice how it feels to massage your skin..mmmm

Take some time to reconnect with yourself and the world around you, soon enough the fog will lift.

To make things a little bit easier for you, we’ve created the TO112 Self Care KitIgnite your senses and bathe in the nourishing, moisturizing benefits of tamanu oil and pure beeswax.