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Vagues hivernales:comment prévenir ce flétrissement hivernal

woman with curly hair posing after using TO112 curl mousse

Curly hair sometimes needs the Goldilocks treatment: not too much, not too little, but just the right amount of love and care to get those killer curls.

Naturally curly and wavy gals (and guys) may be more affected by winter weather, especially when considering curl patterns. Protect your curls by practicing some winter-proofing tips and avoid some easy mistakes.


Why winter causes curls to wilt and falter

Curly hair, which can be drier than straight hair, is more likely to suffer from seasonal changes.

The laundry list of winter woes affecting curls include; an increase in tangles, dryness, frizz, and a lack of shine due to wind and cold, dry conditions.

The trick to protecting curly hair is hydrating the hair just enough without weighing it down.


3 tips for winter-proof curls

  1. Using nourishing ingredients.

Butters and light oils are your friends. Some great oils and butters for nourishing hair and body include shea butter, camellia oil, argan oil and tamanu oil.

Camellia oil, also known as tsubaki oil, is a popular beauty and hair oil in Japan. It’s lightweight and strengthens hair while boosting shine.

Tamanu oil, a featured ingredient in all TO112 products, has a reputation for soothing dry skin and can restore hair to its former glory.

Our Winter Wonder kit includes a shampoo and conditioner for drier hair types, our hair serum and hair cream. Both the shampoo and conditioner feature shea butter, camellia oil and tamanu oil to soothe scalps and bring heavy-duty hydration back to your hair. The serum and cream are great treatments in damp hair or the perfect finishing styler.


  1. Protect with treatments.

For a temporary, heavy-duty infusion of moisture try our Collagen Mask for Damaged Hair. The mask is infused with keratin and collagen to fortify and encourage hair growth and also includes tamanu and argan oils to hydrate. Use it weekly to combat the abuse winter throws at your tresses.


  1. Style with nourishment in mind.

TO112 hair cream, featured in the Winter Wonder kit, is a great conditioner and a heat protectant. Use this and a diffuser attachment to dry your curls to get bouncy, silky curls. Or use the Curl Mousse, a lightweight hydrator, formulated with tamanu oil that keeps frizzy curls at bay.


2 easy mistakes to avoid

  1. Don’t neglect your hair.

Protect your hair from the wind with a toque and scarf when going out. Minimize heat and hot water which can add to dryness and irritate your scalp.

Switch out your shampoo and conditioner if you live in a climate that gets four distinct seasons. Give your hair a boost by using a weekly treatment such as our Collagen Mask for Damaged Hair.


  1. Don’t feed your hair too much.

Hair oils and butters are rich and you don’t need a lot to protect your hair. Too much can lead to greasy, lifeless hair. Be conservative with your amounts to start and add a little more product as needed.


Stay chic out there!