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Media Placement: Redbook Magazine

Redbook magazine TO112 jasmine lavender and amber incense

Redbook Magazine recently highlighted the Jasmine, Lavender and Amber incense in their collection of 11 Home Fragrances That Will Make Your House Smell Uh-Mazing.

"Wanna feel relaxed real quick? Light up one of these bad boys and watch your stress melt away."

Our delightful essential oil (non-toxic!) incense are not only fantastic as scented space enhancers, but to aid in meditation and general unwinding after a tiring day. Lavender, Jasmine and Amber all have calming properties that help with emotional stress, soothing and relieving the nervous system all the while cleansing the surrounding air.

It may be still winter outside, but jumpstart Spring vibes with our mood-soothing incense. #ReadyforSpring