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Media Spotlight: American Spa

American Spa Magazine featuring TO112 biotin shampoo

Energy is everything, and we are proud to create all of our products with the help of the dynamic 528 Hz sound frequency of love. The love frequency itself is associated with harmonious connection of the heart, the spirit, and nature, and is thought to increase inner peace (among many other effects!). We believe utilizing this frequency when formulating our products gives them a boost that is unparalleled.

American Spa’s article 5 High Frequency Beauty Brands Worth Bringing Into Your Spa recognizes TO112 as the ONLY full line of haircare formulated in rooms charged with 528 Hz. They break down how powerful products can be, and discuss the advantages of using high frequency in self care and beauty routines. Among other high performance brands, we have been recommended to spa professionals to elevate their services when they can “add to the healing of the entire planet just by offering high frequency product that help clients heal, grow, and awaken”.

Learn more about the power of sound and why the 528 Hz frequency of love makes our products so special. Or better yet, pop in your ear pods for a 5 minute sound bath with our Instagram Love Frequency Visualizer.