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Media Spotlight : Forbes

Palo Santo candle being put out with candle snuffer and vase full of baby breath flowers

Cozy Up With Candles That Set The Mood For Christmas

Candles are magic. There is something about lighting its wick that immediately transforms the mundane into ritual. It illuminates a room in a soft, golden veil and fills the space with that distinct smell of melted wax and burnt wick. First used in Ancient Egypt some 3,000 years ago, candles have always been an intrinsic part of ceremonies, feasts and everyday life. In the centuries that followed, poured wax was further enhanced, improved and developed into the wellness and design essentials they are today.


Truth is, carving out time for stillness and movement can be a challenge especially during a season packed with celebrations and festivities. This is precisely why setting the tone for a day of mindfulness is every more important. When you feel you have to drag your whole being to the mat, light one of all of these scents to get you flowing, moving and living in the moment.

TO112 Palo Santo is a subtle, clearing fragrance ideal for mediation and intention setting. A scent inspired by the mystical healing powers of palo santo, this all-natural beeswax candle is infused with sweet notes of pine, mint and lemon. Let the wick burn before and during your mindfulness practice and allow its light and tang to raise your vibration. Palo Santo also helps enhance creativity, ease pain, anxiety and stress.

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