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Media Spotlight : New Beauty

New Beauty logo article featuring TO112 Anti-Breakage Detangler


No. 6 TO112 Anti-Breakage Detangler ($38)

I can’t tell you how much hair I’ve lost over the years as the result of a stubborn knot: I typically lose patience and end up ripping out of a chunk of my hair (who’s with me?), and I wonder why I didn’t just open the darn drawer and use a good detangler. This one is the real deal, using deep-conditioning ingredients like tamanu oil and aloe vera to enhance elasticity and prevent breakage. Glycerin gives the hair a nice bit of slip so you can easily comb or brush right through tangles and knots, but not too much that hair falls flat during your blowdry, or looks greasy afterward.

It also contains orange extract to increase shine, and it’s safe to use on all ages and hair types, even kids. The brand also recommends it as a helpful aid for facilitating the removal of braids and weaves, as well as a go-to for gray hair that becomes coarse over time.