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Nos deux parfums sur les parfums naturels

TO112 shampoo for balanced scalps and normal hair next to TO112 conditioner for normal hair in front of lake and city landscape

You try to avoid chemicals in your diet, so why not practice this ritual when it comes to hair care?

One of the most harmful ingredients in hair care is added fragrances. Artificial fragrances are created in a lab using a concoction of chemicals. These chemicals are absorbed by the skin over time and there’s no telling the extent of damage that this can cause to your body.

All TO112 products are naturally fragranced.

So why do our ingredient labels list parfum (fragrance)?

"Fragrance” refers to a wide range of ingredients used to achieve a certain aroma. Fragrance can refer to natural compounds - such as essential oils, or the chemicals used to mimic natural scents.

The only way to eliminate parfum/fragrance from labels would be to list every single ingredient that went into the fragrances of products - but all brands have the right to protect their fragrances as “trade secrets”

So, how do you know which products contain natural fragrance and which products contain synthetic fragrance if they’re both listed under parfum/fragrance?

Read the labels carefully!

Under International Nomenclature Cosmetic Ingredient (INCI) labelling laws, if a product contains naturally sourced extracts such lavender essential oil, the latin name for that specific plant source must be named, that’s why you’ll find intimidating words such as lavendula angustifoliathe latin name for lavender essential oil, on our labels. Synthetic, chemical ingredients must be listed in standard terminology, i.e. PEG-100 Stearate.

At TO112, we create non-toxic products that are safe for your body. Our fragrances are the product of all natural essential oil blends.

We believe that it’s important to make conscious decisions about the products we use.