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  ADVERTISEMENT Save Pin  More woman smiling while hair blows in wind  CREDIT: WESTEND61 / GETTY IMAGES

Media Spotlight: Martha Stewart

Écrit par Madison Borland
You have an entire product arsenal for your face, but did you know that your hair needs the same level of attention?
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back of womans head with red flowers pinned in it after using TO112 products

Nettoyage de printemps

Écrit par TO112 Expert

We may be getting temperatures above +10 degrees Celsius (50 degrees Fahrenheit for our friends south of the border) as early as next week!

No time to relax though, we’ve got to start prepping our hair for the warm weather now. If you’ve neglected your tresses over the winter, it will take a bit of patience in order to restore your hair to it’s shiniest, healthiest self.

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