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3 Steps To Authentic Beachy Waves

model with red hair sexy effortless beach waves TO112 sea salt serum

There’s nothing like being on a beach. Relaxing in the sun, breathing the ocean air, and, of course, that sexy, effortless, beach hair that seems to come naturally when you’re around salt water. The beach vacation is impossible to recreate at home, and sometimes it feels like the textured beachy waves are too.

Although we’re still working on the vacation part, we’ve developed a solution for your hair that’s comparable to the effects of long hours spent at the beach. The Sea Salt Serum adds moisture, protection, and texture to the hair, so you can create those perfectly un-perfect tousled waves.

Check out our beach wave tutorial for all the pro tips!

To get the beach babe look at home, simply:

  1. Section your hair at the crown and spray the Sea Salt Serum. We recommend 1-2 sprays per section of hair.
  2. Massage your hair at the root to maximize volume, and continue to spray the Serum through the rest of your hair.
  3. To enhance your natural wave and get the most voluminous texture, scrunch the product in your hair using your hands.

It’s that easy!

Emulate a beach goddess in your own home with this must-have serum, and have authentic beach waves all year round.