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Media Spotlight: Byrdie

Gigi Hadid runway ready hair

Runway-ready hair from home? We're in. 

Byrdie lists 7 tricks to get your hair looking its absolute best, with a little help from the TO112 silk pillowcase, of course. 

Gigi Hadid informed us that her secret for perfect hair is time. "Honestly, I love a day-after look. I always feel like it looks better. So yes, sometimes I'll just sleep on it after a show. Unless it's been gelled down or anything, I usually won't wash my hair for a couple of days because I think it's supposed to settle. And your hair isn't supposed to be washed every day. I definitely feel like it dries it out, so I give it a break whenever I can." For a perfect next-day look, try sleeping on a silk pillowcase so as not to disrupt your locks. 

- Byrdie

Silk Pillowcase: $125

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