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How To Embrace & Enhance Your Fine Hair

The back of a woman's head. She has medium length, fine, blonde hair. She is crossing a street.
Having thick hair isn’t all it’s cracked up to be. When are you proud to showcase your fine hair? Arm cramps when blow-drying your hair? Never heard of it. You may not be able to go a week without washing your hair but think about how much less time you spend drying and styling your hair compared to those with thick manes. Need to hop in the shower in the morning? Relax, when your hair takes 20 minutes to air dry - you can still sleep in.
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The only downside of having fine hair? Haircare hasn’t been properly developed to cater to your needs. As anyone with fine hair knows easy fixes that work on wavy or curly hair don’t necessarily work on our less ample locks. Getting bounce for fine hair takes some serious science. Keeping our fine hair friends in mind, we’ve created a haircare family specially formulated to add volume, strengthen and hydrate by enhancing its natural abilities and protecting it from friction, frizz and oil build-up.  Our TO112 Shampoo For Fine Hair & Oily Scalps and TO112 Conditioner For Fine Hair deep cleanse to remove environmental and product build-up and lock in the perfect balance of moisture without weight to create shiny voluminous locks.

Our Fine Hair collection is infused with a balanced foundation of tamanu oil, sweet almond oil, wheat proteins and honey to help plump up our volume-less tresses.
Key Ingredients That Conquer Fine Hair Troubles
Tamanu Oil: you already know that it's the foundation of TO112 products and that's because it deeply moisturizes hair (among other things) without any added weight or build-up so hair is left stronger and shinier with every use.
Sweet Almond Oil: rich in Zinc, it nourishes and strengthens hair without leaving behind any unwanted residue. Sinking deep into the scalp it creates stronger roots leading to less breakage later on. Do you want softer than ever before hair? Almond oil. It makes hair silky smooth with star quality shine.
Honey: a naturally weightless humectant used to seal in moisture at the cuticle to keep hair happy, healthy, and shiny by reducing breakage, adding volume, restoring natural bounce, and promoting fullness without weighing hair down.
Wheat Proteins: fortify hair at the root stimulating new growth while still light enough to help strengthen.
If you’ve ever read an article that says folks with fine hair should avoid conditioner, remove that info from your memory. Conditioner is an important part of the hair care regime because it seals the hair cuticle to keep out any impurities that can lead to further breakage. Fine hair simply needs the right type of conditioner. The key to giving fine hair the illusion of fullness is to add volume and moisture WITHOUT WEIGHT. Fine hair breaks more easily than thick hair therefore moisturizing is essential however, too much moisture or any heavy oils and the hair will fall flat making it look thin. That’s exactly why we’ve put a lot of thought into the ingredients of our Fine Hair collection, to strengthen the hair cortex making it feel plumper.
A woman with blonde, fine hair
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