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Hair Rehab: How to Repair Damaged Hair

Back of womans head showing blonde hair glowing in the sun

Damaging our hair is so easy to do and most of us are doing the deed daily, whether it be from color processing, heated styling tools, or climate. So, can damaged hair really be repaired? The short answer is no, unfortunately not. But don’t get the scissors out yet! Hair can be loved, soothed, protected, and coaxed back into the land of shiny, happy, healthy hair.

Healthy shiny hair has a smooth moisture-rich cuticle that is strong and full of elasticity so it can move and bounce around like those dreamy hair commercials. Busted hair that's been over-processed by weather and heat styling, loses that protective seal, and the cuticle layer is lifted making more prone to breakage and tangles. Damaged hair is brittle and frayed with an open cuticle making it look and feel parched, dull, frizzy, and a straw-like.

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Color processing or bleaching hair causes the cuticle to lift completely allowing chemicals to enter the cortex which can alter the protein structure and damage the protective barrier. A combo of both color and heat is the perfect storm to weaken hair leading to more breakage and more dullness, yuck.

Healthy Cuticle (Left) Vs. Damaged

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The good news is that even if your favorite style or color means your hair takes a beating, a gentle shampooing to rid your hair of toxins and regular moisture infusions will add a layer of protection and keep that cuticle smooth. Locking in that bounce-inducing moisture so you can wield your hot styling wands or go after that Kim K platinum style and still have touchable hair.

Our Damaged Hair formula deeply infuses hair with essential nourishment derived from moringa, tamanu and argan oils, ginseng root extract, proteins, and amino acids to bring back bounce.

Key Ingredients That Conquer Supermodel Hair

Argan oil: packed with beneficial nutrients like vitamins A, C, and E, antioxidants, linoleic acid, and omega-6 fatty acids, argan oil encourages healthy hair growth, tames frizz, flyaways and boosts shine.

Tamanu Oil: you already know that it's the foundation of To112 products and that's because it deeply moisturizes hair (among other things) without any added weight or buildup so hair is left stronger and shinier with every use.

Moringa: gets deep into your scalp increasing blood circulation so that the hair follicles get loaded with tons of vitamins like Vitamin B6 and Vitamin E, so your hair can grow stronger and healthier.


Collagen: not just for kissable lips and reducing fine lines! Did you know collagen is one of the major building blocks of your hair, skin, and nails? Specially formulated in our Damaged Hair collection it works its way deep into the scalp and cuticle layer and surrounding each strand structurally reinforcing it.

Keratin: a natural strengthener and the primary protein of hair, it provides an extra layer of protection against color treatment and product build-up. Not only will it help maintain smoothness and strength but it will also help prevent further damage as you continue your day to day styling routine.


Our shampoo is a super gentle, creamy cleanser that delivers essential hydration to the scalp without stripping any crucial nutrients. It washes away any impurities that may be contributing to damage while helping to protect from future damage. After a delicate cleanse your hair is prepped for our deeply nourishing mask that soothes the cuticle from the core binding the cortex. It strengthens and seals the cuticle to keep moisture in. Specially formulated, the Damaged Hair Mask gets under the hair cuticle and moisturizes from the inside out leaving hair feeling silky smooth.

So go ahead and get that platinum blonde color and flat iron your hair on the regular, just make sure you treat your hair to a little rehab. Give it the gentle TLC it needs, and reinforce its strength with regular use so you can get back to that glorious covet-worthy mane of runway models everywhere. Use our shampoo and mask for damaged hair to properly care for your locks and it will remain healthy and fortified and will hold up to your styling demands.

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