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Hot Damage: Ready for Summer Mane-tenance?

coconut oil and fresh coconuts
Long. Short. Medium. Dyed. Shaved. We all have hair. Some of us go to great lengths to keep it pulled taught and out of the way, while others like to whip it back and forth with the extraordinary insouciance of a ‘tween. One thing we can all agree on is that our manes withstand some serious damage over the years - particularly in the summer months, when the sun is blazing and dryness abounds.

Today’s beauty landscape is littered in potions promising to revolutionize your beauty routine. At To112, we’re all for simplicity, for treating ourselves with kindness by remembering that what we put on our skin goes directly into our body. Skin, after all, is our largest organ. In addition to being free of harmful, carcinogenic foaming ingredients like sodium laureth sulfate and cocamide DEA, To112’s line of natural beauty products are formulated to nourish the body - not harm it. For starters, try our three-piece collection of moisture-rich hair products. They’re sure to impart a welcome departure from the brittle-inducing effects of the summer sun.

Want to go the extra distance to protect and strengthen your tresses when they’re under siege this summer? From scarves to food-grade fixes, check out these five summer-ready hair tips from To112’s pros.

  1. Wear a hat or a scarf: The same way UV rays wreak havoc on skin that’s not properly protected, it can also cause fading, breakage, and split ends. Take a page from the books of Audrey and Marilyn and throw your hair up into a lightweight scarf for quick and easy shielding.

  2. Braid your hair: Ever tried to detangle your hair after swimming or sports only to find that the salt and wind has woven it into a bird’s nest? That’s because the sun breaks down natural detangling agents known as thiols. Keeping your hair in a braid or another not-too-tight hairstyle during summer activities will minimize end-of-day detangling damage. To promote anti-breakage and heat protection, try a leave-in like To112’s Console miracle cream before heading out.

  3. Use coconut oil: For best results, always avoid products laden with chemicals and alcohol in favour of an organic blend. In addition to providing a bit of UV protection, coconut oil is a safe, natural powerhouse that can be applied from root to tip before going outside.

  4. Double check your products: Alcohol, artificial fragrances and foaming agents aren’t just harmful to your hair, they hurt the environment as well. Formulated with pure ingredients, all of To112’s products are intended to give back to the earth, and in doing so, give back to our bodies.

  5. Hydrate: Clean, fresh water is a gift that we all-too-often take for granted. As nearly 60 percent of the average human body is made up of water, the most important thing you can do for your hair is to keep your body well hydrated. The more water you drink, the healthier both your body and mind will be.
As you take some time to care for yourself, remember that less is more: there is beauty in simplicity.