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How Do You Do?

person doing yoga on a cliff side infront of ocean

There was a time in the not-so-distant past when downtime - that is, time for self-reflection or even meditation - was a luxury many of us here at To112 thought we’d never consider forgoing. We’d grab our Pu-erh, float into our weekly Kundalini class and bask in the one hour that allowed us to shut off in exchange for restorative asana, self-reflection and anonymity.

More recently, with the launch of our line of holistic beauty products, time has become even more precious and opportunities for indulging in traditional beauty rituals less frequent. While our yoga studios aren’t going anywhere, we’ve discovered that men and women around the world are moving toward more mindful, meditative approaches to self-care; grooming rituals that are focused on achieving that feeling of luxury with the added benefit of being present and in the moment.

A recent Forbes article, “5 Ways You Can Use Mindfulness To Fix Your Brain, Reduce Stress And Boost Performance”, references Mahatma Gandhi telling a group of followers that he needed a minimum of an hour a day to meditate. The group was shocked that Gandhi had this much time to spare. His response: “Well, if that’s the case, then I need to set aside two hours a day to meditate.” The writer goes on to note that mindfulness doesn’t have to take place in the mountains of Nepal or a weekend retreat under a vow of silence. The beauty of the technique is that it’s so simple you can do it anywhere and just about anytime.

In the absence of a daily two-hour meditation window, we invite you experience To112’s Cleanse shampoo for normal hair as part of your own beauty ritual: Notice how your skin reacts to that initial feeling of heat; be mindful of the water as it washes over your hair, then your face, followed by your shoulders and back and over the rest of your body; enjoy the scent of kaffir lime, frosted Italian bergamot, wild ginger, baie rose, limewood, white musk and ebony wood.

As thoughts or worries of the day creep in, simply bring your focus back to the ritual. Take note of science and nature coming together to nourish and cleanse your body and mind. What sensations do you feel as you massage the shampoo through your scalp? Finish the ritual by following with Condition and Console, simply noticing the impact of each step.