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How To Embrace Your Inner Mob Wife With These Easy Styles

How To Embrace Your Inner Mob Wife With These Easy Styles

Clean Girl is out; we’re Mob Wives now, capeesh?

We are here for the Mob Wife aesthetic. Say goodbye to the monotony of minimalism and hello to a wild maximist explosion of animal prints, black leather, red lipstick, and gold everything. We’re here for the bad B attitude - minus the organized crime.

In the realm of fashion and beauty, trends come and go, but some manage to captivate our attention and inspire us to embrace a new look. Thanks to TikTok, the rise of the Mob Wife Aesthetic has rapidly gained momentum and become synonymous with confidence, bold luxury, and a celebration of being unapologetically unbothered with no time to waste.

Italian cultural influences are a cornerstone of the Mob Wife Aesthetic, which also extends to the hair choices. Drawing inspiration from iconic Italian actresses and fashion icons like Sophia Loren and Monica Bellucci, embrace luscious and voluminous curls that exude sensuality and femininity. These glamorous styles embody the essence of American Italian culture and contribute to the overall Mob Wife allure.

How to Embrace The Assertive Hairstyle - full on Mob Wife aesthetic:

The Mob Wife Aesthetic not only celebrates bold fashion choices but also encourages women to express their confidence through glamorous and assertive hairstyles. When it comes to the hair suspect of this trend, it’s a “more is more” mindset. From fluffy blowouts to banged bobs, deep side parts with poker-straight tresses, and the updo.

The Quintessential Updo:

As Carmela Soprano taught us, clothes are only half the story. It’s all about that “messy bun, who cares?” approach to hairstyles that packs a punch. The intricate updo not only adds height and drama but also highlights your confidence and fearlessness.

Step 1: Start by prepping your damp hair with Curl Mousse

Step 2: Curl your hair, with this look, messier is better so don’t try too hard. Spray Dry texture once all hair has been curled.

Step 3: Next, you're going to tie your hair into a high pony, and divide the pony into two sections, loosely twist each piece, then swivel the two pieces into a messy bun at the top of your head. 

Pin your hair into place, leaving some ends out to waterfall over your head for that carefree dishevelled look. Use Strong Hold Hairspray to keep your updo in place.

Pro Tip: Flip hair upside down after applying curl mousse and blowdry, this way, it builds in volume at the root.

What to see it in quick TikTok action? Check out this quick Mob Wife updo tutorial!

The Chic Power of Long Hair:

Long, flowing hair is a prominent feature of the Mob Wife look, exuding an air of sophistication and allure. Straight, precision hair, meticulously styled into a sleek middle or side part, whether cascading loosely or styled into a sleek ponytail, long hair adds to the overall femininity of the aesthetic.

Step 1: Spray Superior Blowout Mist all over damp hair in sections, comb through to saturate and evenly coat the hair.

Step 2: Part your hair on your preferred side and blowdry hair downward with a paddle brush. For those with naturally curly hair, flat iron your hair in sections.

Step 3: Tie a silk scarf bandana over your hair and don’t forget your oversized sunglasses.

Pro Tip: Use a pump of Serum on your ends for shine.

The Mob Bob:

The bob is a staple when it comes to haircuts, rebranded over time to blend into ever-evolving trends. It’s no surprise that the bob has made a feature in the Mob Wife aesthetic. This haircut allows women to embrace their inner Mob Wife, commanding attention wherever they go.

Step 1: Run Ultimate Hair Cream through your hair, and part your hair down the middle.

Step 2: Rough dry your hair smooth about 60% dry.

Step 3: Blowdry your hair using a small to medium-sized round brush section by section, rolling the brush inward at the ends to create the rolled-under style. If you have bangs, use a small round brush to give that Elvira Hancock look.

Pro Tip: Spray Anti-Humectant Spray to keep your sleek bob frizz-free.