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How To Prevent Frizz in High Humidity

woman with curly brown hair on top of rood in front of city landscape

You just finished taming the mane and now you’re ready to seize the day. You step outside and you’re hit with that palpable wave of stifling humidity. All of a sudden your hair has a mind of its own. While there’s nothing wrong with some seasonal volume it’s reassuring to know that for days when we want to be in total control of our hair, there are options available.

Whether your hair embraces the poof, frizz, or kink - we’ve got 5 steps to ensure that you can go frizz-free in even the most humid conditions. 

Step 1: Don’t skip on your weekly deep conditioning treatment.

Hydrated hair is less likely to become frizzy so grab a deep conditioner - preferably one that has keratin additives in it. Apply the conditioner and brush through with a wide tooth comb. Leave it in for 20 minutes - 1 hour. Rinse your hair with lukewarm water as hot water tends to cause dryness; something we’re trying to avoid.

Step 2: Apply a cream or serum to damp hair.

You want to opt for a moisturizing agent as soon as your hair is towel dried. Choose a product that is creamy - not greasy. Concentrate a pea sized amount of cream, serum, or a combination of both, to the areas of your hair where dryness is most likely to occur, usually the mid lengths and ends.

Step 3: Hold off on the blow dryer.

If you can, minimize the amount of heat styling during high humidity months. Especially blow drying, as this tends to open up the hair cuticle if done incorrectly.

Step 4: Serum can be a savior.

Apply a small amount, about two drops, of serum to dried or post-styled hair to achieve that silky, smooth look. 

Step 5: Apply an anti-frizz/anti-humectant product. 

Celebrity hairstylist and extension specialist, Saina Sarafian, is a firm believer that an anti-humectant spray is important when it comes to getting a smooth, finished look. She generously applies the spray before styling as well as after. 

She says, “The anti-humectant spray is amazing for sealing the cuticle and repelling any moisture. The product totally combats frizz without weighing the hair down or leaving it greasy.” 

If you’ve got some extra cash to splash a hair Botox treatment might be the answer when it comes to taming frizz. Hair Botox will cut drying time in half and you’ll never have to worry about humidity. 



This treatment relaxes and smooths away frizz sealing those split ends. Not only that, this treatment helps your ends feel more full and lustrous by filling in any broken bonds from excessive heat and chemical damage. This is also suitable for naturally dry, fragile hair.

If you’re in the Toronto area you can get this service done at Medulla & Co.’s Yorkville location by specialist, Nikki.

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