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How to use a blow-dry spray

back of womans head with rich brown hair by ashley hair studio

We're proud to introduce the new TO112 Superior Blowout Mist. We’ve spent a long time perfecting this game-changer and we’re confident that this product will become your blow dryer's best friend - the Monica to your Rachel, you can’t have one without the other. 

A good blowout is one of those little pleasures of life. You leave the salon with the most gorgeous supermodel hair, that voluminous windblown look and the sidewalk has all of a sudden become your catwalk. You feel GOOD! 

But times have changed and a weekly salon visit might not seem responsible. So, you’ve been forced to perform the at-home-blowout. Thanks to COVID you probably have the technique down but do you have the right products to achieve that smooth, satisfying blowout bounce? 

You do now.

What It Is:

A good blowout spray is an investment that can take your blowout to the next level. Our heat-activated Superior Blowout Mist protects against humidity, smooths frizzy hair, adds volume to fine hair, makes your hair overall way more manageable, and adds a shine that won’t quit. 

Fight humidity like a boss, our Superior Blowout Mist makes hair practically impenetrable to humidity by using a copolymer blend to lock in moisture, create glass-like shine and shield your style from even the most intense humidity. This blowout mist is lightweight so it won’t weigh your hair down yet it still produces long-lasting, glossy, frizz-free, salon-quality blowouts with shine that lasts up to three washes. Yep, THREE WASHES; that smooth hair feeling can last through washes. Now YOU’RE Becky with the good hair. 

What It’s Made Of:

We crave premium ingredients and we’ve made no exception when it comes to the Superior Blowout Mist. Tamanu, blackseed, and grapeseed oils work together to hydrate and smooth your hair while protecting it from breakage and enhancing your hair’s natural shine.   

An innovative blend of copolymer coats each strand of hair for a weightless humidity shield and a glass-like finish.

Did we mention that we’ve created a new fragrance just for this? Indulge in smooth, sweet, and slightly citrusy with all-natural Tahitian gardenia and the subtle warmth of vanilla. Mm mm mmm.

How To Use:

Spray the Superior Blowout Mist all over damp hair in sections, comb through to thoroughly saturate, and evenly coat each strand of hair. Blowdry with a brush to apply tension and smooth the cuticle, locking in shine and repelling frizz for days. 

The Superior Blowout Mist is the only product to repel humidity and give you long-lasting manageability. Tell us how you style and send us your questions. We'll get you more pro tips for hair you love to live in.