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In Favour Of Goop And Clean Sleep

TO112 Restore Silk Pillowcase on bed with flowers

Celeb turned lifestyle guru Gwyneth Paltrow, aka Goop, made waves recently when she unveiled her newest thing: clean sleeping. Goop's branded lifestyle at times can be questionable (yoni stone, anyone? Oh, and here is the response to that one.) But Clean Sleep is one we can get behind. It may not be a new concept, but does anything really matter until it's uttered from Goop's perfectly glossed lips? Slated as thee 2017 trend, Clean Sleeping is something we can all benefit from and *should*.

It sounds pretty obvious, right? Regularly clean sheets and sleeping attire, wash your face and hands and keep your bedroom relatively zen. Clean Sleeping (as a movement) goes beyond that. In basic terms, sleeping clean means sleeping the ideal 8 hours  uninterrupted (the body/brain cleans itself during sleep) and Goop helps out by recommending items to aid in the endeavour (heated socks, copper laced pillowcases etc). In fact, she encourages you to strive for 10 hours of sleep.

Sleeping the correct 8 hours is also important. It is recommended to get to bed for 10pm - sleeping 10pm to 6am allows us to follow our body's natural circadian rhythm. During these times, human body is designed to be at a state of rest, repair, detoxification and rejuvenation.

“When it comes to bedtime, there’s a window of a several hours—roughly between 8 PM and 12 AM—during which your brain and body have the opportunity to get all the non-REM and REM shuteye they need to function optimally.” - Dr. Matt Walker (Head of the Sleep and Neuroimaging Lab at the University of California, Berkeley)

How we can help:
The TO112 Restore (silk) Pillowcase is not only absolutely luxurious, but is beneficial to hair and skin. The silk won't draw moisture out from your hair/skin, and won't cause skin creases. Silk contains proteins that hair needs, which means that while you sleep, your hair is being nourished and will be softer in the morning (so, say goodbye to bedhead!). Inside the pillowcase is a satchel of lavender. When inhaled, Lavender is used to aid in sleep, decrease agitation and stress. The TO112 Restore Pillowcase will you give you a better beautiful clean sleep!   


* The TO112 Restore White Pillowcase is pictured *