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Media Spotlight : Huda Beauty

Huda Beauty logo article featuring TO112 products

6 Signs Your Shampoo Just Isn’t Cutting It Anymore


You know how you can really tell a difference between a stellar mascara and one that just doesn’t deliver? Or how a certain foundation gives you life while the other elicits the stink eye? That happens with shampoo, too. And sometimes it’s not even about the quality of the shampoo itself, but more about whether that formulation is working for your hair.

“When looking for the right shampoo, you should not only be looking for cleanliness and hydration,” notes stylist Danielle Priano. “The first step for choosing the right product is to understand your hair and scalp type. Chemical treatments have to also be considered when choosing the right regimen for you.” The right shampoo should make your hair look and feel shiny, healthy, bouncy, and work overtime for your texture. Here are some signs it’s time to swap your current shampoo.

3. You’ve Got Limp Strands

If you’re dealing with flat hair and limp strands, the culprit is likely too much conditioner. While thicker hair types can get away with heavier formulations, fine and thin hair requires less. Aim for shampoos formulated for fine hair, which help create volume and lift and the root. Also, avoid conditioning at the scalp and instead focus on the mid-shaft to the ends.

Shampoo for Fine or Thin Hair:


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