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Media Spotlight: InStyle Mimi

In Style TO112 shampoo and conditioner infused with love
Treating your hair right and giving it the love it deserves can be a challenge. Roxanne Adamiyatt, writer of InStyle article “This Shampoo and Conditioner Is Literally Infused with Love”, has come across many different hair-care products but she loves that our TO112 dry hair shampoo, conditioner, and hair cream has given her hair new life. Our TO112 dry hair collection contains a combination of amino acids, wheat proteins, and jojoba and tamanu oils, ensuring that every single one of your locks is wrapped in hydration. The entire line is stored in a room that vibrates at the frequency of love (528hz), encouraging DNA repair and improving the health of your hair. Even if you’re not into holistic hair care, Roxanne assures you that the Dry Hair Collection is perfect for when “you want to give your strands some extra love”. Check out her article here to find out more about her experience and love for TO112!