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Media Spotlight : Latest Hairstyles

Latest Hairstyles logo article featuring TO112 Bamboo hair Wrap

Sure, shampoo and conditioner set the stage—but, unfortunately, hair doesn’t transform via telekinesis, and you’ll need the right styling products and tools if you’re really hoping to shapeshift your locks in any direction: bigger, flatter, curlier, straighter, smoother, stronger, or otherwise. Exactly what you’ll need, of course, depends on what you’re starting with (your hair type) and what you want to land on.

Lucky for you, we put together an excellent guide of which ingredients each hair type should look out for based on advice from a panel of dermatologists—you can read that here. Even better, we also did the work of pulling together the best products of the year that meet that criteria as part of our 2022 Healthy Beauty Awards—and guess what?! You can find them all below. (Don’t forget to check out the rest of our 2022 Healthy Beauty Awards here.)

TO112 Bamboo Towel Wrap

#13 Best Hair Towel: TO112 Bamboo Hair Wrap

If you’re the type who’s previously shrugged off the difference the right towel can make on your hair day, then prepare to be converted. Drying your hair with a specific hair towel leads to benefits like less frizz and breakage and a faster drying time. It’s especially recommended for folks with wavy, curly, or kinky hair. While most options on the market are microfiber, which is made from plastic, this one from TO112 is made of bamboo. It’s smooth, antimicrobial, and up to three times as absorbent as microfiber. Need we say more?

One tester said: “I will never use a regular towel on my hair again! When I first unwrapped the towel, I was worried it was too small to fit all of my hair. But my hair fit perfectly and the towel is super easy to use and secure—I like the little button/fastener on the back. I never had to worry about the towel falling off. The material is super soft and absorbent, so it did a good job of removing moisture fairly quickly.”

Reviews have been edited and condensed for length and clarity.

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