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Media Spotlight : TO112 Making Waves in the Leaping Bunny Community

Media Spotlight TO112 Leaping Bunny Certified Cruelty Free

We are thrilled to announce that TO112, a Leaping Bunny certified company, has been featured in the latest article by Leaping Bunny! We are honored to be recognized alongside other fantastic brands in the cruelty-free community. In this blog, we will delve into our unique number-heavy name, our commitment to cruelty-free practices, and the luxurious haircare and body products that have made us a favorite in the industry.

A Unique Number-Heavy Name

TO112 certainly stands out when it comes to our name. Certified since 2013, TO112 is a combination of "TO," representing tamanu oil, the heart of all our formulations, and "112," the first three letters of the Fibonacci Sequence. This fusion of letters and numbers symbolizes the harmonious relationship between science and nature. We take pride in our distinctive name, which encapsulates our commitment to creating high-quality haircare and body products that prioritize both efficacy and eco-consciousness.

Commitment to Cruelty-Free Practices

As a Leaping Bunny certified brand, animal welfare is at the core of everything we do. We are dedicated to ensuring that none of our products or ingredients are tested on animals. This certification is a testament to our ongoing commitment to cruelty-free practices. Our customers can trust that our products are not only effective but also produced with compassion and respect for all living creatures.

Luxurious Haircare and Body Products

At TO112, we believe that self-care should be luxurious, pampering, and sustainable. Our salon-quality haircare products are designed to provide a spa-like experience in the comfort of your own home. Indulgent shampoos and conditioners for different hair types, such as our popular dry hair variant with a delightful clementine ginger scent, leave your hair vibrant and nourished.

But our commitment to luxury doesn't stop at haircare. Our holistic body products offer a range of sustainable options that help you feel radiant and in tune with nature. From body washes to moisturizers, each product is carefully crafted with the finest ingredients to nourish and pamper your skin while keeping our planet in mind.

Being featured in the Leaping Bunny article is a wonderful recognition of our dedication to cruelty-free and sustainable practices. The number-heavy name TO112 represents our fusion of science and nature, and we are excited to share our luxurious haircare and body products with the Leaping Bunny community. Thank you to Leaping Bunny for highlighting our brand and allowing us to continue our mission of providing luxurious and eco-conscious personal care products that prioritize the well-being of all living beings. Join us on our journey and choose TO112 for a spa-like experience that is both indulgent and cruelty-free.

Leaping Bunny by the numbers

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