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Woman holding her baby in the air with baby laughing

What to Know About Postpartum Hair Loss

Picture this: You're three months postpartum and finally starting to feel a little bit like "yourself" again. You've been cleared to workout, and your baby is (hopefully) sleeping for a longer stretch at night. Just as you settle onto your mat for your yoga workout, you notice your hair is starting to shed. There is hair...everywhere.

The Shift from Pregnancy to Postpartum

When someone is postpartum, their normal hair shedding cycle resumes. This often makes people feel like they are losing more hair than normal, but sometimes this is just because less hair falls out when you are pregnant.

“Normal hair sheds 50-100 hairs per day, regularly,” says Luis Pacheco, master hair expert, colorist, and founder of wellness-based beauty and lifestyle brand TO112. “It's called the exogen phase, or resting phase, of the hair follicle. This is when it stops growing and rests between growth cycles and sheds the hair shaft to make way for new growth.”

How to Manage Postpartum Hair Loss

It’s best to try to limit scalp irritation and inflammation during this time. Try to avoid ingredients like sulfates, parabens, and other harsh chemicals found in shampoos and styling products. “They can cause inflammation at the scalp, leading to excess hair loss and weakened new growth,” says Pacheco. “Use vitamin and protein-rich shampoos, conditioners, and masks. Look for ingredients like keratin and collagen to help fortify the hair.”

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