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Not Just A Summer Fling

misty glass with orange flowers in the background

Summer can mean glorious tans, sun kissed locks, and frizz. A lot of frizz. For curly-haired gals the summer humidity is like a family member overstaying their welcome. GTFO.

However, there can be light at the end of the tunnel!

Let me introduce your new BFF - TO112 Anti-Humectant spray.

Forget summer lovin’, this bad boy will soon become your “can’t live without”, no heartbreak necessary.

TO112 Anti-Humectant spray works by creating a sealant around the hair cuticle, repelling moisture, helping to maintain that sleek, sexy look even in the worst humidity.  

Best used post styling to protect your hair and lock out humidity. Prevents frizz, flyaways and is gentle enough for everyday use.

For best results apply all over styled hair, flip head upside down to ensure total coverage.

Now go out there in +40 Humidex and have no fear! Take that, humidity!