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Revive Stressed Out Summer Hair

person holding wilted sun flowers with one hand

Summer sun, chlorine, wind, and saltwater can take a toll on your locks, leaving with you straw-like ends and possible further damage, especially if you have a light colour or fine hair. If your locks are lacking moisture it can leave you more vulnerable to breakage whereas, if your hair is damaged, it will take a little more TLC to restore your locks to their healthy state.

First things first if your hair is dry and brittle, introducing a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner may be all it takes to undo the drying effects of a summer-long love affair with the outdoors. 

Restoring natural proteins is important for healthy hair. Always use a sulfate-free shampoo and conditioner to cleanse, hydrate, soften, and strengthen. We recommend something with a lightweight moisturizing factor; like camellia extract. It infuses dry, compromised hair with moisture, and antioxidants while soothing the scalp - an amazing benefit if you’ve suffered any dryness to your scalp under the scorching sun. 


Regular hair care is key to breathing new life back into dry, damaged hair. Be nice to your hair while it’s in a restorative period. This means that when your hair is wet, you should only be using a wide-tooth comb or a brush specifically designed for wet hair.

If you aren’t using a serum or hair oil, it may be time to reconsider your routine. Look for a serum with an oil base like Tamanu Oil. Tamanu oil is ultra-moisturizing while easily absorbed through the hair, restoring natural shine and sealing in moisture without weighing your tresses down, Apply a pea-sized amount through towel-dried hair from mid-lengths and let your hair dry naturally. This will fight any unruly frizz and soothe dry ends. A serum with UV protection is preferable, this will keep further UV damage at bay. 

Want to take hydration to the next level? Don’t skip on that weekly hair mask. Our collagen mask contains vital proteins to help strengthen weakened hair. With the right products and a little patience, hair can be loved, soothed, protected and coaxed back into the land of shiny, happy, healthy hair.