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Lather, rinse and create: brainstorming in the shower

person washing hair under waterfall in tropical rain forest with TO112 products

Next time you shower, bring a notebook. Seriously. If you’ve ever been surprised at the brilliance of your shower thoughts, take heed. They were probably as brilliant as you thought they were!

Science has proven that shower time can be an excellent time to troubleshoot work problems, brainstorm or break through artistic blocks.


How it works: showers as incubation periods

Showering is one of the many activities that serve as an incubation period, time when your subconscious is working away while you disengage from your creative task. Washing dishes, gardening or leisurely walks can do the same thing.

Not all showers are created equal. Don’t expect that two-minute slapdash shower to give you your stroke of genius. Shower right to get some hits of brilliance.


4 ways to maximize your creative experience


1. Set the environment.

Creativity doesn’t come from a stressed out shower. If you are mulling over a problem, consider having a shower or bath at a time you aren’t pressed for time. Even if you can only squeeze 10 minutes out of your day for a shower, make it a really meaningful 10 minutes.

To ensure those 10 minutes aren’t sucked by solving creative problems such as what to eat for breakfast or what to wear to work, consider planning those things ahead of time. Have a to-do list for all the other stuff rather than carrying them in your mind.

Bonus: If you work for yourself or have a flexible schedule, opt to take a shower after you’ve done some preparation for your project with an outline or light brainstorming.


2. Relax.

Don’t think about your problem. Just focus on the little things to ground you during your shower. Use this time to find mindfulness at this moment: focusing on the water pressure or droplets hitting your skin. Immerse yourself with the sound of the water hitting the shower stall or the sensation of lathering your hair.

Creativity is boosted with relaxation While you may not be physically working on something, relax fully though mentally disengaging with whatever is taking up headspace.


3. Boost it with scent.

Scent can boost your mood: elevating it, shifting it and inducing it. There are some scents that can boost creativity–such as lavender, lemon and peppermint. Try implementing these in your shower with your products or with essential oils or candles in a bath.

Our shampoos and conditioners, customized for different hair types, are scented with lemon, lavender and a blend of other aromas that may help jump-start creativity. A sharp whiff of lemon, such as in our Normal Hair shampoo or Dry Hair shampoo, might get things rolling.


4. Record those insights!

Have a notebook and pen handy so you can jot your ideas down before they disappear.