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Woman combing hair after using TO112 Anti-Breakage Detangler

Simple solutions to knotty problems

Written by TO112 Expert
Tangles happen. When a brush runs into a tangle, it's painful in every sense of the word—physical...
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person in shower washing hair with TO112 products

4 Reasons Why a Hair Serum Needs To Be Part Of Your Hair Care Routine

Written by TO112 Expert
You’ve heard the term before Hair Serum. At first, it may seem a little redundant. Why do you need a serum if you’re already using a conditioner and deep conditioning your hair on a regular basis? Stay with me here, this next bit is very important. When used on clean hair, a hair serum has some pretty amazing benefits. 
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pine tree border with new year card in the centre

5 New Year’s Resolutions For Better Hair Days In 2019

Written by TO112 Expert
New year, same hair! Even if resolutions aren’t your thing, take these five actions for stronger, healthier hair throughout the new year.
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