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TO112 hair serum sitting on white bathroom counter top

8 Hacks for Hair Serum (that you need to know)

Written by TO112 Expert

Hair serum is a perfect fix to dry, compromised tresses. Just a few drops add lustrous shine and manageability to your hair. However, a hair serum can have so many more purposes than simply being the last step to your styling routine. 

Here are 8 hacks to up your serum game. 

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person in shower washing hair with TO112 products

4 Reasons Why a Hair Serum Needs To Be Part Of Your Hair Care Routine

Written by TO112 Expert
You’ve heard the term before Hair Serum. At first, it may seem a little redundant. Why do you need a serum if you’re already using a conditioner and deep conditioning your hair on a regular basis? Stay with me here, this next bit is very important. When used on clean hair, a hair serum has some pretty amazing benefits. 
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