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two people earing back packs walking on a summers day

Heading back to school? Earn an A+ in Hair Care 101

Written by TO112 Expert
Even if you don’t have a child going to university, or aren’t a college-bound student yourself, September is a great time of year!
It’s a second chance to be the version of yourself you envisioned when you wrote your New Year’s resolutions. Now is a great time to recommit to working out, sleeping earlier and being more present at work or school.
It can also be a stressful time. Make sure to take care of yourself in between back to school sales shopping, tuition and a wardrobe refresh. Commit to taking care of yourself in other ways.
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luscious background of green leaves with neon breathe sign

The Importance of Self Care

Written by TO112 Expert

We spend so much time running around trying to please others, whether it’s your boss, your SO, your children, or your friends and family. It can be very taxing! When was the last time you took some time to take care of yourself? If you can’t remember, that’s bad news bears.

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TO112 Anti Humectant Spray, TO112 Strong Hold Spray, TO112 Dry Texture Spray and TO112 Curl Mousse against white background

Welcome To The Fam!

Written by TO112 Expert
This is not your grandma's hairspray! We are SO excited to finally announce the release of our  much anticipated styling line! The set consists of five new products all formulated with the not so secret ingredient, tamanu oil.
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