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Ultimate Hair Cream: get the most out of the miracle styling cream

model with black curly hair after using TO112 Ultimate Hair Cream

The Ultimate Hair Cream is back and better than ever. After its long-awaited return, we’re bursting at the seams to share our most versatile product yet. So much more than your average styling cream for dry or curly hair, TO112 Ultimate Hair Cream, helps you to achieve beautiful blowouts, bouncing curls, and smooth finishing touches. 



Same great formula, fresh new look. What’s changed?

The fancy new packaging isn’t just for aesthetics. This sexy new tube is eco-friendly and now made from 100% recycled post-consumer & ocean plastics! Of course, as all TO112 products, this tube is also 100% recyclable. So you can feel good about looking good!

What It Is:

We apply daily moisturizers to our skin but we often deprive our hair of this crucial step. Frizz, split ends, and brittle strands are telltale signs that your hair is parched; quench that thirst and give your hair the daily dose of weightless hydration it’s craving. 

There are a number of factors that could be drying your hair out and a few that might surprise you. It’s a no-brainer that heated-styling tools are a leading cause of dryness and breakage but sun exposure, pollutants, bleaching or colouring your hair, and the products you use can all contribute to dry hair. Once you notice your strands drying out it’s important to use a deep conditioning mask and a leave-in cream to boost hydration and to help protect your hair from further damage from heat, chemicals, and environmental factors.

A leave-in styling cream will help to protect your hair against additional heat damage, smooth your cuticle to lock out pollutants (that are not only drying but staining as well) and create healthy shine, and reduce future breakage by reducing friction while increasing elasticity, manageability and softness. 

What It’s Made Of:

Made with premium ingredients like tamanu and pomegranate oil, camellia extract, and dimethicone the Ultimate Hair Cream encourages stronger, longer, healthier hair growth by providing 8 key benefits including:

  1. Anti-breakage 
  2. Smooth polish 
  3. Weightless moisture 
  4. Light hold 
  5. Heat protection,
  6. Brilliant shine 
  7. Natural UV protection
  8. Strengthening agents

How To Use:

For Flawless Blowouts Or When Air Drying

Start with a dime-sized amount, and add more as needed. Rub the cream between your hands, this helps with even distribution. Lightly coat towel-dried hair evenly from mid-length to ends; comb through. Apply more as needed. Blowdry as usual.

Pro-Tip: Mix a pump or two of the Smoothing Hair Serum with the Ultimate Hair Cream for a brilliant shine.


As A Curl Cream

Simply coat hair, comb through with fingers or a wide-toothed comb, and scrunch hair from tip to root. Pay attention to the amount you use and how your hair feels, if it still feels dry use more product, if it feels heavy, you’ve used too much. 

Pro-Tip: Mix a smidge of the polishing Hair Serum with the Ultimate Hair Cream and emulsify between warm hands to create super hydrated and soft curls. 


As A Finishing Cream

Take a little bit of the Ultimate Hair Cream and rub between your hands, then define each individual curl or smooth unruly flyaways.


The Ultimate Hair Cream is the most versatile product to up your hair game and solve all your hair woes. Tell us how you style and send us your questions. We'll get you more pro tips for hair you love to live in.