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8 Hacks for Hair Serum (que vous devez savoir)

TO112 hair serum sitting on white bathroom counter top

Hair serum is a perfect fix to dry, compromised tresses. Just a few drops add lustrous shine and manageability to your hair. However, a hair serum can have so many more purposes than simply being the last step to your styling routine. 

Here are 8 hacks to up your serum game. 

Detangler in the shower. 

Use an oil-based hair serum from mid-lengths to ends in the shower to detangle any stubborn knots. Using a serum before shampooing coats the hair strands prior to cleansing; always brush the serum through your hair with a wide-tooth comb or your favourite wet brush. If you find your hair is still tangled, do another round before brushing your conditioner through your hair.

Use on towel-dried hair.

The best time to use a serum is after you’ve towel-dried your wet hair. Using a serum on damp hair allows for even coverage on each strand. Remember to only apply the serum from the mid-lengths to ends and not directly to the scalp.

Use as an overnight treatment. 

Coat your hair in serum at night for a deep conditioning treatment so your locks can soak up moisture as needed. Rinse with warm water in the morning. 

Create a deep conditioner.

Mix a few drops of your serum with your conditioner to help smooth out thick, dry, or damaged hair while showering.

Use as a gel alternative.

When doing a slick look, apply some serum to tame pesky flyaways in lieu of gel. 

Mix it in with your mousse.

Mix a small amount of serum with a pump of mousse. Use your mousse as usual for an air-dry, glossy finish. 

Glossy braids.

When braiding wet hair, brush some serum through your hair first. This creates a frizz-free, glossy look.

Use as a body oil.

Before using any products on your body, make sure they're non-toxic. TO112’s serum is formulated with tamanu oil, an extremely moisturizing agent used for many generations by Tahitian women. No shaving cream? No problem. Use a little bit of serum for a smooth shave. Our serum is safe for use on skin and can even be used to remove heavy makeup. 

Also, check out why a serum needs to be a part of your hair care routine. 

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