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Comment faire:Killer Curls

Model with curly hair after TO112 hair tutorial is complete

Big, bouncy curls. They ooze that effortless, cool-girl vibe and have proven to be a timeless hairstyle, remember Mariah Carey’s dreamy 90’s curls? Carefree with a hint of slick sophistication. We’re taking tips from Chris Wood of the TO112 team as he teaches us how to achieve the perfect curl.

Watch the tutorial below, or don’t - with the right products adding that oomph to your look is easy!

You'll need:

Hair Cream, Hair Serum, Curl Mousse, Diffuser, Curling Wand, Straightener (optional).


Step 1

Starting from wet hair, take the TO112 hair cream and the TO112 serum to make a concoction. The hair cream will give a light hold with plenty of elasticity and the serum will add hydration and shine. The TO112 mousse can be added for frizzier textures if a stronger hold is needed. 

Pro-tip: As the nature of hold products like gels and mousses harden, it’s important to work them into the hair as it starts to dry, it will break up the “crunch” and allow for controlled, set curls.

Step 2

Once all the hair product is applied, take your diffuser and start drying your hair. 

Pro-tip: If you’re looking for more volume hold the diffuser from underneath the hair to keep the curls bounce. If you’d like less volume, hold the diffuser above the head and direct the air downwards.

Step 3

Now that your hair is completely dry you’ll notice different textures throughout your hair, this is very common. Curls tend to be tighter and frizzier around the nape and hairline; some parts of your hair may need some help from a hot tool.

Detail work can be done by touching a small flatiron to any unwanted frizz around the temples and hairline or curls can be defined by using a curling wand (usually a 1-inch barrel or smaller depending on your individual curl texture). Touch up the curls around your face, the top of your head, or anywhere that the curls are unruly using your wand. 

Step 4

Finally, take a pearl-size amount of the hair cream and use on each individual curl to add extra definition and shine. Repeat as necessary.

That’s it! 4 steps to curl perfection. Tag us in your hairstyle creations on Instagram to be featured on @TO112Life and receive 15% off your next order!