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Rehaussez votre matinée, améliorez votre cuir chevelu? Comment la caféine peut aider vos cheveux

TO112 Biotin Shampoo for Damaged hair containing caffeine with coffee grounds being poured over it

Could your morning cup of joe be the key to a better head of hair? Studies suggest that it might just be!

Hair thinning or hair loss take no prisoners–affecting both genders and people of every age–and are major blows to self-esteem. Common culprits can include aging, postpartum, menopause, diet or underlying health concerns.

The good news? There are things that can be done to prevent or mitigate this destruction.

Starting with that cup of coffee.


Caffeine’s effects on the hair and scalp

In several scientific studies, caffeine has been shown to stimulate hair growth. Alopecia sufferers from both genders were tested with caffeine treatments and when applied to the hair follicle yielded some hair growth.

Another study tested a topical application that included caffeine in combination with other ingredients. Hair fibers were increased by 10 per cent and increased resiliency to breakage.

Caffeine was also tested in a shampoo formulation and was found to have penetrated the hair follicle within a few minutes.

Our shampoo for damaged hair is jam-packed with hair repairing ingredients, including caffeine. Its addition works well with other ingredients such as rice bran oil, moringa oil and niacinamide.


Caffeine and its partners in crime

Caffeine on its own is a great ingredient in hair care, but it also works synergistically with other ingredients such as biotin and niacinamide. Both of which are in our shampoo for damaged hair.

While caffeine can boost hair growth, biotin (known as vitamin H or vitamin B7) can thicken and stimulate hair growth. Together these ingredients, in our shampoo for damaged hair, gently clean and repair hair.

Caffeine also pairs well with niacinamide, which has also been shown to increase hair fullness in patients with female alopecia.


Additional tips to curb hair thinning

There are practical ways to curb hair thinning and hair loss, beyond the use of topical products.


Shampoo right–and often!

The right way to shampoo includes taking care of your scalp, which can get clogged and impede hair growth. In addition to feeling great, scalp massages may also help with growing healthy, long hair. Consider implementing one in your routine to de-stress.

Increasing the frequency that you shampoo might also help matters. Perhaps you don’t need to shampoo daily, but evaluate the window of time between washes. A good indication of when to wash is when your scalp emits an odour. (Sorry, not sorry.)

And if you were wondering, dry shampoo doesn’t count as shampoo. (Sorry. Again.)


Lifestyle changes

Eating healthier and nipping stress in the bud is just reason 1,752 to change your lifestyle. But really, did you need another reason to get healthier?

A diet rich in vegetables and fruit and getting consistent, quality sleep will improve your hair and your outlook on life.

Lastly, if stress is your main culprit, take some time for some self-care – whether that’s taking a long bath, going for a walk or connecting with loved ones