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Les meilleurs produits d'été pour les cheveux bouclés

TO112 Ultimate Hair Cream TO112 Anti-Humectant Spray and TO112 Curl Mousse on white background with wild flowers

We love summer. Blue skies and sunshine; the patios are packed, the sangria is flowing. We’re all better people in the summer, let’s be honest. Then the unbearable heat rolls around and we all remember what summer is really like. Hot and humid; a curly haired girl’s nightmare. Humidity brings chaos to an otherwise tame ‘do by causing frizz, dryness, and in some cases, breakage.

But, don’t give up and break out the ball cap just yet, there are products that can help you maintain healthy curls through the summer months.

Experts agree, when it comes to that dreamy bounce, moisture is key. A weekly hair mask and more cream-based hair products as well as a last step mist, like an anti-humectant spray, will help to seal the hair cuticle; locking in moisture and blocking out humidity, leaving you with perfectly tamed curls.

Allow us to introduce your summer essentials.

Premium Collagen Hair Mask:

Collagen also acts as an antioxidant to fight damage caused by stress, pollution, diet, and other environmental factors, such as humidity. The ultra-moisturizing aspects of this mask include tamanu oil and argan oil, which help to fight frizz, and boost strength, elasticity, and softness while preventing breakage and promoting shine without weighing the hair down.

Hair Cream:

Formulated with camellia extract it protects, conditions, and gives hair that glorious shine. This superior moisture in a bottle will bring softness to any hair type but, we curly gals need to give our hair all the love we can in the dry, summer months.

Pro-tip: apply cream-based products after you towel dry your hair to make sure everything is locked in by the time it dries.

Curl Mousse:

Our creamy formula gives you crunch-free, soft curls with hold. Formulated with tamanu oil, this product provides a layer of hydration for frizz-free, bouncy curls.


Anti-Humectant Spray:

The last step in protecting those beautiful curls from the summer weather. This holy grail of summer sprays works by creating a sealant around the hair cuticle, repelling moisture, helping to maintain that sleek, sexy look even in the worst humidity.