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Detangling Duo

Detangling Duo

DEA Free Paraben Free Ethically Sourced Recyclable Cruelty Free Made in Canada Made with bioplastics Biodegradable Nut Free Gluten Free Alcohol Free Sulfate Free Made with PCR Vegan

Featuring the cult fave Anti-Breakage Detangler spray and our eco-friendly Detangling Brush for a gentle detangling on even the most fragile hair. Fortifying ingredients restore elasticity and texture to hair while the Detangling Brush ensures knott free living and even product distribution for the hair of your dreams.  

Anti-Breakage Detangler  (reg. $38)
Detangling Brush (reg. $28)

 Items are also sold separately.

For best results, thoroughly saturate towel-dried hair from mid-shaft to tips. Gently brush through hair from root to tip to ease tangles and ensure full even distribution of Anti-Breakage Detangler. Style as desired.