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Better Brush Bundle

Better Brush Bundle

Paraben Free Ethically Sourced Recyclable Cruelty Free Made with bioplastics Biodegradable Vegan

All of your hair care dreams come true in this eco-friendly brush duo featuring the Shampoo Brush to bring the salon massage experience home and stimulate the scalp for the best hair growth of your life. And our 5-way flex Detangling Brush for gentle detangling, better product distribution of masks, treatment and prep stylers and even speed up blowdrying time. You need these brushes in your life! 

Shampoo Brush (reg. $24)
Detangling Brush (reg. $28)

 Items are also sold separately.

Apply shampoo directly to scalp or onto Shampoo Brush and massage thoroughly covering the entire scalp and hair roots. Rinse and repeat if desired. Apply conditioner or mask and use Detangling Brush for even distribution throughout hair shaft. Rinse hair in cool water. Use Detangling Brush when applying preparatory stylers and while blowdrying.