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Repair Therapy

Repair Therapy

Paraben Free Ethically Sourced Recyclable Cruelty Free Made in Canada Made with bioplastics Biodegradable Nut Free Gluten Free Alcohol Free Sulfate Free

Featuring the award-winning Collagen Mask, a premium protein-based hair mask with keystone collagen and keratin, to boost shine, strength and texture to make hair feel like new again. And our eco-friendly Detangling Brush for a gentle detangling on even the most fragile hair, and more even distribution of the Collagen Mask in every shower. 

Collagen Mask (reg. $74)
Detangling Brush (reg. $28)

 Items are also sold separately.

For best results, gently brush mask through hair in the shower to detangle and ensure full saturation and even distribution of Collagen Mask. Let sit 3-5 minutes and rinse with cool water.