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Simple solutions to knotty problems

Woman combing hair after using TO112 Anti-Breakage Detangler

Tangles happen. When a brush runs into a tangle, it's painful in every sense of the word—physically, emotionally, and sometimes audibly.

Short hair, long hair, anyone who has ever had to use a brush knows that tangles and knots are unavoidable. There is a right way to detangle hair, and it’s specific to hair type, and selecting the right products. Here are some of the main reasons for your knotty suffering and a few things you might not have considered.


Tangles are made up of live (attached to the scalp) and dead (detached) hair that wrap around each other. Dead hair grips onto live hair when it gets released from your scalp and causes knots. Imagine a zipper with its teeth locking together that is what's happening to your lifted cuticles.

Your environment, hair texture, and hair routine are three contributing factors to the degree of your tangled situation.

The environment you live in or that your hair is exposed to has a great impact on all facets of your hair. In this instance we’re talking mainly about humidity and sun damage. If the air is dry, or low humidity, your hair will be more prone to static and cuticle flare ups which lead to a velcro-like interaction between your hair strands….and inevitably knots.

Natural texture is an obvious cause of tangles. Curly hair gets a bad rep for being dry and coarse, while both are true to create a perfect storm for tangles, the straight and sleek of hair can tangle just as easily. Mature hair often goes undetected as a reason for knots, being a slow change that you may not have noticed. As you age, so does your hair, the cuticles don’t lie flat anymore, causing friction, hence the gripping.

Physical manipulation is one of the biggest culprits for tangles for all hair types. Between brushing, or playing with your hair, using hair-snagging hair ties, to sleeping on cotton pillowcases, your strands don’t stand a chance of having a knot-free day.

The built-up residue of leftover products can make your hair feel tacky and matte your hair if not washed properly — or using the wrong products for your hair type. 


Give your hair a bit of support. TO112 Anti-Breakage Detangler is a multifaceted product that works for all ages and stages of life. From childhood knots, to mature hair. This is truly a one-size fits all product.

Powered by natural ingredients, extracts, conditioners, and innovative fortifiers, this leave-in moisturizes, prevents breakage, and detangles for incredible manageability and shine. Perfectly pH balanced with weightless conditioners and the right amount of slip to remove even the most stubborn tangles and knots.

This innovative and all-inclusive formula reduces friction from the thick, curly, tangle-prone fine and straight, and uncooperative coarse and mature graying strands.

Did we mention this detangler has multipurposes? Not only will this easily remove your tangles, it’s also designed as a leave-in conditioner to keep your strands moisturized and silky soft, and help promote a smoother blowout.


Simply spray all over damp hair from the eye line down, and gently comb through. Do not rinse it out and then add your styling products and style however you wish. A pro-tip to consider for everyday use is that you should detangle the knots in the same direction they’ve been tangled for minimum friction. This means that if you’ve teased your root for volume by holding your hair straight up from your head and backcombed it towards the scalp. You should do the reverse to detangle - hold the hair straight up, spray the Anti-Breakage Detangler, and work through the hair by brushing up. In most cases, you’re just spraying and brushing down your hair with gravity. Just be aware if you’ve got tangles from unique circumstances, reverse it for added cuticle support.


Orange Extracts: Perfect pH balance to promote better cuticle health, strength and shine.

Tamanu Oil: Smooths the cuticle layer to prevent tangles, improve manageability, weightless hydration and creates brilliant shine.

Aloe: Strengthens hair with its many active ingredients including vitamins A, B12, C, and E, fatty acids and amino acids; nourishes hair from the cortex out. Provides natural UV protection.

Glycerin: Draws in moisture and provides just the right amount of slip to gently remove even the most stubborn tangles and knots.

Radish Root: All-natural preservative that protects the hair and is safer for the environment.