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Woman combing hair after using TO112 Anti-Breakage Detangler

Simple solutions to knotty problems

Écrit par TO112 Expert
Tangles happen. When a brush runs into a tangle, it's painful in every sense of the word—physical...
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Woman with dehydrated hair and woman with damaged hair looking concerned

DEHYDRATED HAIR V.S. DAMAGED HAIR: Everything You Need To Know To Repair Your Hair

Écrit par TO112 Expert
There’s no worse feeling than DRY BRITTLE HAIR. No matter what climate you live in, when seasons...
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In Style logo article featuring TO112 Collagen Mask

Media Spotlight : InStyle

Écrit par TO112 Expert
Taking dark brown and black hair to blonde isn't for the faint of heart, but the before-and-after photos from Creme of Nature's Lightest Blonde set are so gorgeous, it's like the brand bottled good lighting. Celebrity hair stylist and founder of TO112 Haircare Luis Pacheco recommends that those with coarse hair stick to gentler formulas as their hair is already more prone to dryness and breaka
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Mane Addicts logo article featuring TO112 Fine Shampoo fir Oily Scalps

Media Spotlight : Mane Addicts

Écrit par TO112 Expert
Nothing piques our interest quite like an unique haircare ingredient. So when a rep for the bran...
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