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Why your hair is frizzy, and how to stop it.

Back of woman's head with frizzy red hair
"If I had to sum this magical anti-humidity spray in two words, it would be: summer lifesaver. Trust me, frizz and flyaways don't stand a chance against its no-hold formula." — Sophie Dweck, Associate Shopping Editor, Town & Country
Frizz. A word many of us know all too well. The hours you spend prepping your hair to look its absolute best ruined the moment you step out into that hot sun, is something we’ve all experienced at one point or another. 
The cure? Stop frizz before it starts!
Unfortunately there is no way to banish frizz forever, however we know how to prevent it, and easily too. So before you start filling your cart with bottles of oils and serums promising you a frizz-free style, you need to understand why frizz happens in the first place to have sleek, frizz-free hair later. 
What is frizz? Why does it happen?
We’ve broken down the nitty gritty scientific facts for you.
Hair frizzes when hydrogen from the moisture in the air binds to the proteins (keratin) in hair, they swell up and pop the cuticle out. This happens every time you shower, making it possible to clean and reset your hair. BUT when you dry and style your hair you are telling those hydrogen bonds where to go to create the style you love. When humidity hits it after all of your hard work, it resets those bonds one at a time, in random order, forcing the cuticle up, causing frizz and undoing all your styling efforts. 
Hair is porous. When the hair lacks moisture the amount of water absorbed from the environment depends on how dry the hair fiber is. The drier it is, the more water it can absorb, the frizzier it gets, ironically.
How to prevent frizz from ruining your best hair looks? 
Shield your hair from humidity. The best products to tackle frizz are the ones that protect the cuticle layer from reacting to the environment - aka anti-humectants. We've created a couple options based on how you like to style your hair. The TO112 Superior Blowout Mist is heat activated so it's applied all over, and combed through damp hair prior to blow-drying; the TO112 Anti-Humectant Spray is a last step mist for already styled hair to act as a humidity shield locking the cuticle in place and repelling environmental moisture to protect your style. Both of these products are moisture-repelling humidity shields that can keep your styles fresh for days at a time.
You should also consider if your hair is extra porous - if your hair is damaged or dehydrated it’ll be thirsty for environmental moisture and more likely to frizz. Check out this blog on knowing the difference between damaged hair vs dehydrated hair, and how you can make your hair feel new again.