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Make The Most of Blue Monday

woman with red hair wrapped in blue aztec blanket sipping tea in front of cabin

Brace yourself for Blue Monday, also known as the most depressing day of the year. Scientifically speaking, psychologist Dr. Cliff Arnall, created a formula to explain why the third Monday of January, is well...the day we all tend to feel so blue. The formula goes as follows:


W represents the weather, cold, grey, dreary - here at our headquarters in Southern Canada, this is right on the money.

D represents debt while d is your monthly salary. Considering all those bills from the holidays have come through, when you subtract those from your monthly salary some of us might be a little...shocked.

T represents time since the holidays and Q is the time since the failure of a new year’s resolution, but you haven't given up...right?!

M stands for our motivation, or lack thereof, and the Need to take Action.


It makes sense; there aren’t really any holidays on the horizon that we have to look forward to and it’s a quiet time of year, socially. But we want to make January 21, 2019 one of the best days ever. Take that - Blue Monday!

These are some of our suggestions to capitalize on a more mindful Monday!


Get outside.

Even if it’s just for ten minutes; find a little patch of sunlight and bask, baby, bask! If there’s no sunlight to be found bundle up and get out for a brisk walk. Ten minutes is all is takes! Better yet, grab a friend or a coworker and get them to join you! 


Don’t skip out on the gym this time. Get your sweat on and boost those endorphins for at least 30 mins. You’re guaranteed to feel calmer and happier.

Practice gratitude.

Write down all the things (and people!) in your life that you’re grateful for. By taking the time to appreciate what we already have, you’re going to have a more optimistic outlook on life!

Do something that you know makes you feel good.

This could be ordering dinner in, taking a long, hot bath, reading a book in bed - the list goes on. No one knows you better than you know yourself - what little piece of you time makes you happy?

Make plans with your friends!

Get out there and be social! Plan a group dinner or an outing. Is there a movie you and your gal pals are dying to see? Or invite some friends over to your house for Netflix accompanied by wine and cheese! I’m not drooling - you are!

There you have it, 5 foolproof ways to kick Blue Monday to the curb - SEE YOU NEVER BLUE MONDAY!
What are you planning to do this coming Monday? Let us know at