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woman with red hair wrapped in blue aztec blanket sipping tea in front of cabin

Make The Most of Blue Monday

Written by TO112 Expert

It makes sense; there aren’t really any holidays on the horizon that we have to look forward to and it’s a quiet time of year, socially. But we want to make January 21, 2019 one of the best days ever. Take that - Blue Monday!

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luscious background of green leaves with neon breathe sign

The Importance of Self Care

Written by TO112 Expert

We spend so much time running around trying to please others, whether it’s your boss, your SO, your children, or your friends and family. It can be very taxing! When was the last time you took some time to take care of yourself? If you can’t remember, that’s bad news bears.

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baby elephant bathing in river

Ritual Bathing

Written by TO112 Expert
For centuries, humankind has been transforming the ritual of bathing into a meaningful practice. Ancient Greek and Roman bathhouses combined healing rituals with entertainment, Japan believed the ritual of bathing was a spiritual pursuit of purity. Today, we use water as a healing element synonymous with relaxation; jacuzzis, birthing pools, hot springs baths, and mineral baths are socialized bathing rituals of the 21st century.  
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woman with shiny sleek brunette ponytail after using TO112 products holding yellow tulips over her shoulder

Free From: SLS, DEA, Parabens

Written by TO112 Expert
Do you ever stop to think about how many chemicals you’re exposing your body to on a regular basis? When it comes to beauty, don’t take unnecessary risks. Learn more about SLS, DEA, Parabens and why, as a consumer, we should be working to avoid these chemicals.
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TO112 shampoo for balanced scalps and normal hair next to TO112 conditioner for normal hair in front of lake and city landscape

Our Two Scents On Natural Fragrances

Written by TO112 Expert

You try to avoid chemicals in your diet, so why not practice this ritual when it comes to hair care? One of the most harmful ingredients in hair care is added fragrances. Artificial fragrances are created in a lab using a concoction of chemicals. These chemicals are absorbed by the skin over time and there’s no telling the extent of damage that this can cause to your body.

All TO112 products are naturally fragranced.

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