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Ritual Bathing

baby elephant bathing in river

For centuries, humankind has been transforming the ritual of bathing into a meaningful practice. Ancient Greek and Roman bathhouses combined healing rituals with entertainment, Japan believed the ritual of bathing was a spiritual pursuit of purity. Today, we use water as a healing element synonymous with relaxation; jacuzzis, birthing pools, hot springs baths, and mineral baths are socialized bathing rituals of the 21st century. 


[Photo by Jeff Sheldon]

Bathing in warm water has amazing psychological benefits. Mimicking the womb, bathing makes us feel safe and calm. Submerging yourself in warm water is scientifically proven to calm the nervous system, reducing stress and anxiety levels.

Warm water oxygenates the blood allowing your lungs to expand, creating a deeper, slower breath.

The act of washing, itself, is thought to purify the body and mind of harmful, negative energies and vibrations that you may come in contact with throughout your day. Taking a bath allows us to be mindful of the present moment, check in with ourselves, and open ourselves up spiritually.  

Self-care and spiritual cleansing can begin in your own at-home spa. Wash yourself and the bathtub before you begin your bathing ritual. Once in the tub refrain from using any shampoos, soap, or oils as the water is a spiritual experience. 

Why not light a candle (may we recommend the Palo Santo?) fill up the tub and let the healing begin.