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Media Spotlight : BuzzFeed

Buzzfeed article logo featuring TO112 Anti-Humectant Spray

36 Products That'll Make You Fall In Love With Your Hair Once Again

Think of these products like therapy for you and your S.O. (your hair).

14. TO112 Anti-Humectant Spray ensures the precious time you spent creating your lewk does not go to waste. This miracle worker puts the finishing touches on your styled tresses with an ultra-lightweight mist that keeps humidity at bay and fights frizz (AND even keeps styles in place for the next day — hello, lazy person hack).


I was going to let the picture above just do all the talking, but I think I owe you folks a little context. So, if this pic could talk it would tell you that I used this magical mist post curling my hair with a flat iron *and* after setting it with my go-to drugstore hairspray (what's neat about this TO112 sealant is that it's a no-hold spray, so it's intended to be layered *after* other styling products). I spritzed it all over my hair in sections and even did a hair-commercial-style hair flip to make sure all of my bases were covered. I went about my evening plans, slept with my styled hair, and then woke up with the curls still 👏 in- 👏 -tact (!) — and any flyaways were pretty much smoothed out. I looked in the mirror and thought HOW?! This spray is how — and now I never curl my hair without it. 

Promising review: "I was super skeptical of this product. I didn't understand how it could work or how to use it properly. One night, I straightened my hair and liberally applied the spray to each stand before I straightened it and then once I was done styling, again, I applied the spray liberally all over. I got caught in a downpour of rain. I only had a light sweater to cover my head as I ran to find cover. When I finally escaped the rain, my hair was still pin straight. I now never leave the house without using this product. It holds up even in the Toronto summer humidity!" —Madi

Get it from To112 for $48.

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